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L’invincibile si 5



Saw unit: a perfect cut.Maximum torsional rigidity and the total absence of vibration through the closed loop structure of the saw unit which ensures perfect alignment of the blades during tilted and difficult cuts.

Sliding carriage: maximum cut quality guaranteed over time.The carriage will never require adjustment due to its structure with arch-ground steel slideways (developped by Scm).

Easy touch: the immediate advantage that guides you everywhere. The pleasure of managing all machine functions in a simple and intuitive way with the 12″ touch-screen color flat panel. Each processing is followed step by step by suggestions and information that prevent the operator from performing incorrect operations. Additional calculation features guide the operator in making the necessary cuts of assemblies and complex geometric shapes.

Telescopic swinging arm: fluidity of movement. The work piece support frame is the only one to be made of a large dimensioned extrusion and linear guide on recirculating ball bearings. It ensures: – maximum work piece with fluid movement – no play and no noise – dust protection – no need for maintenance.

Technical Details

L’invincibile si 5    
Max. saw blade diameter with mounted scorer mm 450
Max. saw blade diameter mm 550
Maximum saw blade projection from table to 90°/45° mm 200/130
Cutting width on rip fence mm 1500
Squaring capacity mm 3200 ÷ 3800 x 3200
Three-phase motors starting from kW/Hz 7 (8) / 50 (60)