sz plast

The best technological solution for the cutting of plastic materials in terms of parts quality and processing speed. It is equipped with a number of devices resulting from SCM’s extensive experience in advanced materials sizing to satisfy any specific demand coming from companies processing plastics, acrylics and synthetic panels.
Improved cut quality and processing speed are ensured by the adjustment of the blade peripheral speed, the optimized blade height, the main blade cooling and lubrication devices.

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Technical Details

sz plast 90 sz plast 110
Cutting dimensions mm 3200/3800/4500
Cutting depth mm 2100/3200/3800/4300
Blade projection mm 95 115
Main blade diameter mm 380 400
Variable saw carriage speed m/min 0 – 135
Variable pusher speed m/min 70
Main blade motor power (S6 – 40%) kW 7,5 – 9 -11 -15 -18 9 -11 -15 -18
Max. motor power 100 Hz. with Inverter (Option) kW 11 – 15 – 18
Scoring blade motor power (S6 – 40%) kW 1,8
Number of clamps Std 7 8


CLAMPS WITH DOUBLE FINGER: the guarantee of the result.
The special shape of the clamps allows the perfect workpiece clamping, without damaging the material surface.

Selectable air blowing table: an essential tool.
The possibility to enable/disable the air blowing device on each table section via independent motors, ensuring optimal sliding of the panels only where it is neededand avoids accidental falling of cut panels temporarily stored on the tables.

OPTIMIZED CUTTING QUALITY with cooling and lubrication of the main blade.
The operator can select, directly from control, to cool the blade or to spray an air/oil mix on it.