class px 350i

Circular saw with mobile carriage and tiltable blade up to 46° to operate in safety with working space reduced up to 50% compared to a traditional circular saw.




Optimal finish with the new saw unit with rigid structure which allows, with maximum ease, a perfect cut of veneered or solid wood panels, both at 90° and tilted up to 46°.

Simple and rapid programmed movement with the “Ready” mobile control panel.

Immediate positioning thanks to the double powered and programmed rear stop that ensures a quick and precise work piece positioning.

Sturdy and reliable telescopic squaring fence with the tilted metric scale towards the operator and the 2 reversible stop: panels squaring up to 2500×3000 mm (3200×3200 mm as an option).
The fixed table of large dimensions guarantees a stabile panel support when machined.

Technical Details

class px 350i
maximum squaring stroke mm 2600 3200 3800
blade tilting mm 0÷46°
maximum saw blade diameter (cutting) mm 350
maximum saw blade diameter (engraving + cutting) mm 300
max. saw blade projection (D350) from table at 90°/45° mm 105/72
max. saw blade projection (D300) from table at 90°/45° mm 80/50
blade rotation speed giri/min 4000
cutting width on rear fence mm 1300
Other technical features
three-phase motor   5,5 kW 50 Hz
(5,5 kW 60 Hz)
exhaust hoods diameter mm 120 (1) – 100 (2)
overall dimensions mm L 3859
L 3196
H 1368
L 4459
L 3196
H 1368
L 5059
L 3196
H 1368