accord wd

CNC Machining cell for flexible manufacturing of doors and windows equipped with loading and unloading system. It can perform batch or unit production; the work cycle is never interrupted and always at highest feed speed. Manufacturing of any product is simple and fast thanks to the possibility of manual loading, exploiting all the typical performances of SCM machining centres.


Technical Details

X-axis working area mm 6360
Y-axis working area mm 1905
Electrospindle power kW 13
Tool changer nr. positions up to 72


    • The constant presence of an operator is not continuously required, thanks to the completely automatic work cycle.
    • Higher productivity,  loading and unloading of workpieces is made in masked time with the option for pendulum machining.
    • Maximum precision even at high speed over the whole machining area, thanks to the rigidity of the structure with mobile gantry achieved by twin motors.
    • Easy profiling on large section parts with the 5-axis machining head, designed specifically for demanding uses.
    • Reduction of down-times with tool change in just 5 seconds (wood-wood) thanks to the “Mach 5” tool changer.
    • Maximum setup speed of the worktable: Each bar and hold-down are fitted with their own independent motor and blowing device allowing machining at any condition.
    • Sav€nergy, high performance and energy saving.