morbidelli p800

Multifunction machining centre for drilling, routing and edge banding

morbidelli p800 is a machining centre for drilling, routing and edge treatment for the furniture industry, the perfect solution for “just in time” production and for making panels that are ready for assembly.
morbidelli p800 allows all machining on a panel in a single machining centre, guaranteeing high quality edging application.
A top tier technological solution to the demands of various goods sectors: from office furniture to bedrooms, and custom designs for stores and interiors.




Technical Details

X working areamm5020-6360
Y working areamm1680-1830
Drilling spindlesn.26÷50
Electrospindle motor powerkW11÷17
Tools available on tool roomn.18÷34
Edge heightmm15/84
Edge thicknessmm0.5-3.0
Coils storage capacityn.2÷12



ZERO SET-UP TIME when switching from one machining operation to the next with the NC worktable featuring a workpiece automatic separation software function. This means that you can machine more panels with a single loading operation, ideal for increasing productivity.


ZERO DEFECTS with maximum quality even for joins on difficult workpieces thanks to the SBRINDLE device that reads the position of the edging “on-the-fly”.


ZERO DIFFICULTY programming even for less experienced operators, using Maestro edge the brand new software with which a single platform is used to carry out all types of machining.