AREA is the innovative CNC 5-Axis Machining centre with a mobile bridge structure and modular composition for machining big timber construction elements, such as CLT panels for walls, straight and curved structural beams. It allows machining of elements up to 4,5 m wide and 50 m long.


  • Easy access to the worktable for effortless loading of the walls, thanks to the use of sliding tracks with a low vertical profile and reduced floor requirement.
  • Stress-free machining of very thick elements and use of blades up to 1020 mm, with the specially designed 5-Axis-Machining head.
  • Easy to use machine and total integration with the most common CAD design tools, with the Maestro Beam&Wall software.
  • No risk of collisions and precise calculation of the work times thanks to the 3D simulation station.