KUPER EFS System Josting

The KUPER EFS Veneer Jointing Guillotine – Straight and parallel cutting of the veneers.


KUPER EFS System Josting

Visible marking of cutting line

Clearly visible marking of the cutting line by means of a green guide light.

Cuts of highest quality

Straight and parallel cutting of the veneers – Maximum precision in cutting ensures the tight-joint splicing after the cut for all kinds of veneer.

Swinging and powerfull drawing motion

Cuts of highest quality thanks to the swinging and powerfull drawing motion of the knife at an angle of approx. 20°.

Finishing cut

Cutting of edge lippings

16 cutting points on the cutter counter gib

EFS 2300 2300 mm
EFS 2800 2800 mm
EFS 3200 3200 mm
EFS 3600 3600 mm
EFS 4200 4200 mm
EFS 4500 4500 mm
Insertion height 80 mm
Parallel fence range 20 – 720 mm*
Pressure bar Hydraulic cylinder, 2 pressure stages
Cutter bar Brake motor, gearing, crank drive
Operating voltage standard 400 V, 3 Ph, 50 cycl. or special voltage
Connected load approx. 6 kVA
* upon request different range possible

The advantages at only one glance.

  • Parallel fence with high-speed motordriven positioning, fine adjustment and digital gauge for cutting parallel face veneers and edge lippings.
  • Guide markings and an angular fence on the machine table for easier alignment of the veneer.
  • Broad pressure bar for pressing even wavy veneer flat and level prior to cutting.
  • Precise and permanent parallel guidance of machine components.
  • High pressing and cutting forces are reliably absorbed by the heavy-duty construction.
  • Intermittent operation of the drives results in a low energy requirement and a low level of noise.