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Compound mitre saw SYM 70 RE SYMMETRIC

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Compound mitre saw.

Measure the angle, calculate the bisecting angle, carefully adjust the cutting angle on the cross-cut saw and begin sawing: a laborious task indeed. Not with the SYMMETRIC by Festool, however. All kinds of strip material can now be cut quickly without making any calculations – for both interior and exterior angles.

  • Patented symmetrical stop system
  • Easy angle transfer using a bevel, cutting along the bisector without making calculations
  • Stops easy to clamp, no tools required
  • Intermediate bases for elevating the SYM 70 to the height of a SYS 1 SYSTAINER: Long workpieces can be conveniently supported when working
  • MMC electronics adapt to the working material
  • Slim, central cross-cut unit for left and right-handed operation

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  • Cutting skirting boards along the bisector without making calculations

  • Cutting glass trim, cornices and end strips accurately without calculating measurements

  • Cutting blunt and pointed corners easily



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