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Battery assembly kit T 18+3/PSC 420 Li I-Set

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The compact assembly kit.

Two times 18 volts. Two times the power of a mains-powered tool. Two times the brushless, energy-efficient and durable EC-TEC motor: T 18+3 cordless drill – the powerhouse with maximum efficiency and a considerably higher torque. And the CARVEX PSC 420 cordless pendulum jigsaw – powerful traction and effortless curve handling in a compact and handy design. The Festool Bluetooth® battery packs ensure particularly convenient use of the CARVEX PSC 420 with the Festool mobile dust extractor: In combination with a Bluetooth®-compatible Festool mobile dust extractor, they ensure that the extractor starts automatically in AUTO mode when the cordless pendulum jigsaw is switched on.

  • Flexible and powerful – with 18-volt battery packs for two machines, interchangeable
  • Accessories are stored in a clear, structured manner – in the new lid compartment of the SYSTAINER T-LOC
  • Free in the lid compartment – 2x twin bit boxes with a total of 20 bits
  • Convenient dust extraction: The battery pack communicates via Bluetooth® with the Bluetooth® module of the CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor (can be retrofitted to the CT 26/36/48 as an accessory, directly integrated into the CT MINI I and MIDI I) and starts the mobile dust extractor automatically when the CARVEX is switched on

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Main Application

  • Cut-outs for sinks and kitchen hobs

  • Trimming work on furniture, kitchens, for interior fitting

  • Cutting circles and curves

  • Coping end strips

  • Cutting workpieces to length

  • Edge notching on beams

  • Cutting from below

  • Convenient working with dust extraction – Bluetooth® battery pack automatically starts Bluetooth®-compatible mobile dust extractor in AUTO mode



Performance features



Bluetooth® communication between battery pack and extractor.

Technical data

Battery voltage : 18 V

Noise and vibration values

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