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Standalone in every situation

Whether on the roof or on firm ground, whether reproducible angled cuts and guided cuts in combination with the FSK cross cutting guide rails and the FS guide rails or precise mitre cuts – the HKC 55 cordless portable circular saw demonstrates what modern circular saws are capable of. It proves it in every cut with its versatility, flexible usability and maximum precision day after day.

  • 18V Li-ion battery and connectable cross cutting guide rails ensure mobility and independence
  • Brushless EC-TEC motor combined with lithium-ion batteries for max cutting power
  • In conjunction with the trimming rail, fast, accurate and mobile cross cuts
  • Safe and easy handling thanks to the cutting depth adjustment with plunge function, pendulum hood remote control and guide wedge
  • Angle adjustment with central clamping mechanism from 0 to 50°
  • Safe and perfectly straight sawing along the guide rail

Product highlights

Product details

Main Application

  • Precise circular in materials up to 75 mm thick

  • Cutting house doors to length using guide rail and circular saw

  • Cutting and machining conservatory profiles

  • Cutting cable ducts to length cleanly and easily

  • Accurately cutting false floors to size

  • Cutting multilayered boards

Performance features

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