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Versatility for timber construction.

The HK 55 portable circular saw in combination with the FSK cross cutting guide rail. The new mitre-saw system for more independence combines precision and efficiency with a high level of user-friendliness, optimised ergonomics and ease of use. Features such as the cutting depth adjustment with plunge cut function, pendulum hood remote control, guide wedge and FastFix saw blade change, for example, provide the best possible working conditions. And the FSK cross cutting guide rail produces precise cuts with repeat accuracy.

  • High-torque 1200 W motor with power electronics ensures constant power when sawing
  • Safe and easy handling thanks to the cutting depth adjustment with plunge function, pendulum hood remote control and guide wedge
  • Angle adjustment with central clamping mechanism from 0 to 50 degrees
  • Sawing system: HKC complete with FSK cross cutting guide rail and FS guide rail
  • Safe and perfectly straight sawing along the guide rail

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Main Application

  • Rip and cross cuts in materials up to 55 mm thick

  • Cutting roof battens to length

  • Sawing lining boards/shuttering to size

  • Sawing boards to size

  • Cutting chipboard to size



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