minimax ad 21

Single head multiple boring machine with 21 spindles ideal for craftsmen and professional workshops.


Technical Details

Advance 21
Max. panel width 833 mm
Worktable dimensions 905 x 372 mm
Worktable height 900 mm
Max. tool diameter 40 mm
Min. ÷ max. panel height 10 ÷ 85 mm
Spindles speed 2800 m/min


Perfect drilling 
Drilling head made from single-piece aluminium casting, to guarantee absence of vibrations. The boring unit runs on two rectified cylindrical guides which guarantee stability and precision. The machine is equipped with a mechanical revolver with 5 different boring depth adjustments. The new dust extraction system is incredibly efficient, and leaves the machine surprisingly clean!

The mechanical gauge guarantees fast and precise positioning of the lateral fences.

All controls are ergonomically positioned on the front of the machine. This includes the switch which sets the boring head at a 45° angle, allowing for an immediate changeover between operations. For perfect boring of large panels, the machine has a long 3000 mm fence with a scale and retractable stops. The fence is quickly mounted and removed easily.

The choice of the edge/panel join quality can be changed with the utmost flexibility and with the minimum time for retooling. EVA, PUR, EVA / EVA, EVA / PUR, PUR / PUR, SLIM LINE, zero glue line with AirFusion+, glue dosing, automatic glue change cycle, are just some of the possibilities that can be provided on stefani one.