>Tenoning & Mortising
  • - Feasible workpiece length range: 585 - 1250mm - Feasible workpiece width range: 585 - 650mm - Feasible workpiece thickness range: 15 - 25mm DOUBLE-END TENONER Model: ECT-46S - Total horsepower: 39hp AUTO-LINK CONVEYOR (3 STAGE) Model: ECT-46S - Total horsepower: 40hp ? STANDARD ATTACHMENT: * Bottom pressure beams length extension to 2,470mm (was 1,770mm) for increased infeed space on bottom feed chaintracks * Auto-positioning for movable side of machine via a touch screen combined with a PLC for auto working width setting * Digital read-out devices for adjustment of top pressure beams and working units. * Laser beam for cutting line indication * Compressed air delivery system for cleaning feed chaintrack * Rubber surfaced feed chaintrack * Standard dogs (height = 12mm, dogs following workpieces, distance between dogs = 400mm) * Safety covers for top and bottom pressure beams * Tool box * Operation manual