• New single blade beam saws offer high performance in quality for cut finishing and working speed in order to meet the production needs of the furniture companies. Ideal solution for the company that requires to process medium-large batches. gabbiani gt 3 has a modular design and can be tailored to meet any customer requirement. Advance mechanical design, powerful motor units and electronic control are just some of the features that guarantee high production rates, flexibility, precision machining and a top quality cut finishing.
  • Innovative high-performance single blade beam saws in quality for cut finishing and working speed in order to meet the production needs of the furniture companies. It is the ideal solution for companies requiring to process small to medium batches. gabbiani g 3 offers processing solutions to satisfy every single customer demand.
  • The best technological solution for the cutting of plastic materials in terms of parts quality and processing speed. It is equipped with a number of devices resulting from SCM's extensive experience in advanced materials sizing to satisfy any specific demand coming from companies processing plastics, acrylics and synthetic panels. Improved cut quality and processing speed are ensured by the adjustment of the blade peripheral speed, the optimized blade height, the main blade cooling and lubrication devices.
  • Ideal for the company requiring a lean and easy workflow. Single-blade beam saw controlled by PC/PLC control system, designed to cut solid wood panels or panel stack and its products (chipboards, MDF panels, multilayer panels, plywood panels and fiber panels).
  • Ideal for craftman and small and medium-sized enterprise requiring a lean and easy workflow. Single-blade beam saw controlled by PC/PLC  control system, designed to cut solid wood panels or panel stacks and its products (chipboards, MDF panels, multilayer panels, plywood panels and fiber panels).
  • Designed for the large-scale woodworking company who needs a panel saw purpose-built for cutting post-formed strips individually or in packs. A wide choice of optional equipment is able to meet any requirement. The gabbiani cfx series is available in configurations suitable for a variety of production applications: manual loading, working cell operation or in-line operation. All gabbiani machines are equipped with PRISMATIC GUIDES for both the movement of the saw carriage and the vertical movements of the blades.
  • Full automatic cell designed to match production requirement as high flexibility and cutting quality for BATCH 1. The Cell includes the new single-blade panel saw machine Galaxy 3 100 and it is equipped with mobile grippers device FLEXCUT and with three axes loading System Flexstore EL. The cell can be fitted on the rear  with a preloading panels area and  automatic labelling system for an high versatility of utilization, high cutting quality _single panel and stack of panels_ with a considerable reduction of labour costs and also for:
    • High flexibility
    • Custom made solution
    • Reduced cycle time
    • Framework strength and reliable
    • Maximum integration of the productive process by SCM GROUP software
    • Offcuts management
    • Mixed stacks management
  • Innovative panel sizing-squaring centre with a fixed worktable and two mobile gantries each with a single machining head, designed for medium-big furniture company. The simultaneous use of two routing units enables the achievement of high standards of quality, finishing, precision and productivity. For an high productivity, gabbiani cubo can be incorporated in a Mahros loading-unloading system controlled by Easy Plan, a supervision software that enables automatic control of all work cycle steps including: loading from the stack the sheet to be processed, unloading of the sized panel to the edge banding line, offcuts management, labelling of each single panel.
  • Assisted loading especially suitable for the safe and speed movement of any laminated and chipboard panels which can be hooked by the suction arm.
  • Longitudinal saw cutting machine SLMS

    SLMS longitudinal saw cutting machine is best positioned in plants with high productivity, to produce strips in continuous. Equipped with automatic positioning blade units (up to 8 blade units), SLMS saw-cutting machine allows to obtain strips with different width and with off-cut reduction.
  • Panel saw with tilting blade
    Manual circular saws with 400 mm blade. Guaranteed quality at your finger tips.
  • 20" Cut-Off Saw 6HP Motor 12 5/8" Cross Cut Capacity Available in Two Voltages 230 Volt with Three Phase 460 Volt with Three phase