>>Belt Sander
  • Belt sander perfect for small woodworking companies. It satisfies all solid wood calibrating and sanding requirements.
  • Ideal for the craftsmen and the small woodworking companies. Solid wood calibrating and sanding and veneered panel sanding operations (also with honey-comb support), and also for any other sanding requirements. The availability of the electronic secitonal pad on the model with 1.100 mm working width also provides the sanding operations also on honey-comb veneered panels.
  • The new SCM compact wide belt sander: it is extremely versatile and allows the calibrating of MDF, chipboard. etc, the calibrating and sanding of solid wood, the pre-sanding and sanding of veneered panels and the finishing of painted surfaces.
  • Its high level of versatility makes dmc sd 70 perfect for different types of machining. In the furniture sector (with veneered and painted panels) it excels in the provision of optimum level finishing thanks to the 2.620 mm sanding belt length and the electronic sectional pad.
  • Maximum performance for companies increasing production. Designed for the medium to high industrial companies that require diversified machiningdmc sd 90 satisfies all calibrating and sanding requirements, by offering a wide range of technological solutions allowing the possibility of customising the machines compositions. The availability of offering many types of operating units such as planing units, roller units (with 175, 220, 250 and 320 mm diameters), pad units and superfinishing units guarantees the very best results on solid wood, veneer, laquer and paint operations.
  • Excellent finishing results are obtained when machining raw and painted panels thanks to the wide range of units (Cross-Belt, Calibrating Roller, Sanding Roller, Super-Finisher) that come with the Eurosystem, and to its prescribed approach: a perfect combination of aggressive roller with sensitive EPICS electronic sectional pad.
  • The sturdiness of the structures and the wide number of technical solutions available make this sander the best choice for both the industrial companies and the top demanding contractors, which use the machines in an intensive manner. Main equipment
    • Calibrating/sanding unit with 320 mm diameter roller
    • Superfinishing sanding unit with electronic EPICS pad and chevron belt
    • Oscillating satining roller unit witn 200 mm diameter
    • Vacuum hold-down table for small pieces processing, with electric fan embedded in the machine frame
    • Constant pass-line from the floor, for integration in automated production lines
    • "Hydra V-Pad" electronic control with 10.4" touch-screen
  • Automatic calibrating sanding machine: the most configurable of the System machines, intended for medium- and large-sized companies that have to perform particularly complex machining with high production volumes.
    Main equipment
    • Unique planetary units (patented), for multi directional sanding
    • Vacuum hold-down table for small pieces processing, with electric fan embedded in the machine frame
    • Constant pass-line from the floor, for integration in automated production lines
    • Total management of the machine through “Hydra PC” control panel with 17” touch-screen
  • dmc system bt22 2200 Top/bottom calibrating sanding line, is a high productivity calibrating-sanding center designed to process both panel sides in a single pass. This solution have been designed for the large-sized companies in the woodworking industry, requiring high working speed and strong stock removals in heavy-duty production lines. The bottom unit machine and the top unit machine can be integrated in a single unit or can be supplied as two stand-alone units joined by a conveyor belt.
    Main equipment
    • Calibrating/Sanding unit with 400 mm diameter roller
    • Air blade unit for pieces cleaning
    • Vacuum hold-down table with electric fan embedded in the machine frame
    • Total management of the machine through "Hydra-PC" installed on an adjustable arm frame
  • Belt sander with double gooseneck for craftsmen and professional workshops.