• Automatic edge bander

    Technological solution, for professional craftsmen and joineries, to edge band with an amazing easiness.
  • Automatic edge bander

    Automatic edge bander with glue pot to edge band, with great flexibility, with melaminic edges, PVC and ABS up to 3 mm and wooden strips up to 5 mm. Machine for professional craftsmen and joineries.
  • Automatic edge bander

    Automatic edge bander with glue pot and pre-milling unit to edge band, with great flexibility, with melamine edges, PVC and ABS up to 3 mm and wooden strips up to 5 mm.
  • Automatic edge bander

    Ease-of-use with all inclusive equipment: minimax me 35, with gluing of the panel edge, also with edging solid wood strips up to 5 mm thickness, offers the “very best” performance in edge banders at this level. The features, coupled to its ease-of-use, makes it the perfect edge bander for small woodworking, furniture and panel processing companies.
  • Automatic edge bander Minimax me 40, top-of-the range of the minimax edge banders with a wide choice of accessories (possibility to simultaneously install the following finishing units: edge scraper, glue scraper, brushes and scorer for grooves) with the best quality-price ratio. This edge bander increases productivity with a 9 m/min panel feed speed with track (the quickest of the minimax range). It is also characterized by its many advantages: working quality; possibility to work with polyurethane glue; possibility to carry out slots; ease of use and increased productivity.
  • High level of inclusive equipment, advanced technological solutions and typical features from higher range models, guarantees the very best quality panels. The features, coupled to its ease-of-use, makes the olimpic k 100 the perfect edge bander for small woodworking and panel processing companies.
  • Easy-to-use and with all inclusive equipment: olimpic k 230 evo, due to its advanced technological solutions designed to ensure optimal panel finishing, is the perfect edge bander for companies beginning and requiring professional edge banding.
  • Versatility and high machining quality with the SCM olimpic k 360, the machine with the aim to be the new reference point in the market for entry level edge banders and complete with a rounding unit. Compact and easy-to-use due to its advanced technological solutions designed to ensure optimal panel finishing. It is simply the perfect edge bander for companies who require continuous and high quality edge banding of panels even though they may be different from one to another. The use of "multiedge" machining heads with electronic axes allows the machine to be set up automatically to machine panels with 2 different radii, solid wood and thin edges.
  • High performance and versatility: olimpic k 560 is designed for companies requiring to process many panels per day even though they may be different from one to another. olimpic k 560 has several solutions that guarantee always the best machining on any panel type.
  • Continuous and versatile solutions for quality machining are the distinctive features of stefani kd. All you would expect from an edge banding machine: the use of EVA and Polyurethane glue thanks to the SGP glue pot, machining units with electronic axes allowing the automatic set up for 2 different radii, infinite thin edges and solid wood up to 12 mm. It is the ideal edge bander for all those companies that need to produce many panels for both small and large batch production.
  • Perfect joint line and versatility of use with the new SGP glue pot (Smart Glue Pot) and the pre-melting unit PU BOX L. Extraordinary level of finishing quality with the AirFusion+  technology that allows edgebanding without glue. Simply the perfect edge bander for all companies who require continuous production of a large number of panels even though they are all different from one to another.
  • Designed for the industrial production of both identical and different batches and for intensive use even beyond the daily working shift. Due to its versatility and with working lengths up to 9 meters, every type of production can easily reach cost-effective machining with the possibility to customise finishing quality, performance requirements, flexibility levels and any other useful aspect for production and market requirements.
  • stefani s is the single-sided edgebanding machine designed for medium-and large-scale firms and leader in the market, is characterized by its precise machining operations, reliability and efficiency. Suitable for machining edges in plastic material, both traditional and modern, wood and laminate strips, even aluminium edges. It offers a complete range of machining operations for diversified industrial production at reduced costs.
  • stefani one is a High End single-sided edgebander designed for large industry and for extra intensive use. Modular lengths of up to 16 meters grants the performance of complete and customized processes for edgebanding of soft-forming components, J-Shape, Doors and Tops with the use of materials for the latest generation finishes. High productivity and low operating costs are guaranteed by the wide range of Heavy Duty working units. Thanks to the specific design they can process any kind of production mixture at the touch of a button.
  • ? TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION - Table Size : 1200mm x 920mm - Work piece Thickness : 10 ? 60mm - Band Thickness : 0.5-3mm - Glue Pot Capacity Approx : 3 Kg - Heating Power : 3KW - Motor Power ; 1HP - Feeding Speed : 5-10 m/min - Band Cutting Control : Foot Switch / Limit Switch - Air Pressure Required : 5-7 Kg / Cm2 - Band Coil Diameter : 525mm
  • TECHNICAL DATA: ? Maximum thickness of work piece : 10 to 50mm ? Tape thickness : 0.4 to 3 mm ? Glue pot capacity : 2 kgs. Approx. ? Heating element : 3 kw ? Tape cutting mechanism : Pneumatic ? Control of tape cutting glue can be applied on tape & board : Micro/Foot Switch ? working speed per minute : 0 to 10 mts (Variable) ? Power : 1 HP ? Air pressure : 5 to 7kg/Cm2 ? Tape Coil dia : 525mm