>>CNC Drilling
  • Head with 35 spindles with boring from above Adjustable powered head and adjustable boring depth with revolver Tilting readouts and digital electronic positioning devices
  • The ideal solution for batch-1 process. Compact and smart CNC drilling centre that allows to process blade-grooving and routing operations on 5 faces of the panel, thanks to the two drilling heads, with independent Y axis, that simultaneously work on the same panel. Continuous uninterrupted working cycle for switching between two job lists without any manual interventions to setup the machine.
  • The drilling machine that carries out all drilling operations, grooving and vertical routings. Very high productivity guaranteed, no operator’s intervention for the worktable tooling.
  • Ideal for boring operations on panel. New models with 27 and 21 spindles. Rich basic equipment: it is complete with all accessories such as pnematic head adjustment, spindles with quick attachment, lateral guides L=3mm with reference stops for panel positioning.
  • Single head multiple boring machine with 21 spindles ideal for craftsmen and professional workshops.